J.R. Constance & Associates


A Thought Leader in the field of Medical Laboratory Science, J.R Constance offers a variety of presentations and seminars on Laboratory, Leadership Development and Strategic Planning, both for professional organizations and for healthcare facilities. We have listed below just some of the topics that we can present.

Presentations and Public Speaking

  • Case Studies in Laboratory Design
  • Looking to the Future of the Laboratory – presented at Cleveland Clinic, 2015
  • Passion for the Profession (of Medical Laboratory Science)
  • Case Studies in Labor Productivity (with Buffy Kelly)
  • May You Live in Interesting Times: An Update on the World of Clinical Laboratory Legislation & Regulation
  • Past, Present and Future of the Clinical Laboratory
  • “Bridging the Gap” to Provide Improved Patient Care
  • The Leadership Dilemma – balancing pressures to cut costs with keeping your employees engaged
  • Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development
  • Identifying Labor and Non-Labor Savings in Your Laboratory
  • Social Networking for Healthcare Organizations

For more information on the presentations we offer please send us an email.